The integration of people with disabilities within the Seris Group

October 2022

Through numerous local initiatives and various partnerships with rehabilitation organisations, the Seris Group is committed to respecting and promoting diversity and mix with all its stakeholders.

Let's take a look at some of the areas developed on a daily basis within the Seris Group.


Seris France: commitment and initiatives for inclusion

  • Seris France has demonstrated its commitment through the development of "Mission Handicap", a structured employment policy for people with disabilities.

  • Seris France is also one of the 5,700 member companies of the #activateurdeprogrès community supported by AGEFIPH, whose mission is to open up employment to disabled people. This #activateurdeprogrès community brings together companies that are committed and convinced that disability is a factor of progress for them and for society as a whole.

  • In 2021, Seris France participated for the first time in the DuoDay event: a day allowing the creation of a duo between a professional, in this case the Human Resources department of the French subsidiary, and a disabled person looking for a job, Sandra. The aim? To change the way people look at disability and to create vocations. Participation is confirmed again this year, see you on 17 November!

  • On 21 March, on the occasion of World Down Syndrome Day, Seris France collaborators participated in #socksbattle4DS by wearing mismatched socks. An initiative proposed by the Trisomy 21 France Federation and initiated by the Down Syndrome International association, aimed at raising awareness of Trisomy 21. Indeed, the mismatched socks challenge and prove that difference is the norm.

  • Finally, Seris France offers its employees a monthly meeting to raise awareness and provide information on disability with the "HANDI'CAP" letter. "What is disability?", "Cancer and employment", "Mental disability" are examples of the different themes addressed in previous issues.

Did you know that? In France, 80% of people with disabilities have an invisible disability.This may be due to a disabling disease (multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, etc.), a sensory, psychological or cognitive disorder, but also autism, epileptic fits, etc.

Seris Konsalnet: opening up jobs to people with disabilities rewarded in 2020

For many years, Seris Konsalnet has been developing a policy of employing people with disabilities. In 2022, disabled people will represent approximately 16% of the total workforce of Seris Konsalnet. This is the result of a daily commitment and numerous partnerships with organisations in charge of developing access to the professional world for people with disabilities.

This commitment was rewarded by the First Lady of Poland in 2020. Seris Konsalnet had won second place in the "Sheltered Employment" category at the regional edition of the Lodołamacze competition. This was an opportunity for the Seris Konsalnet teams to discuss the philosophy and good practices developed in recent years with the First Lady of Poland.