World Health Day: highlighting the KDog project

April 2022

Since 2017, the Seris Group has been participating in the research and early detection programme for breast cancer by providing a team of dog experts in France.

The KDog project, which is international in scope, effectively relies on canine odorology, whose olfactory capacities are far superior to those of humans.

"Dog expertise and scientific expertise have come together and are now at the service of a public health cause that can concern us all, directly or indirectly. This different use of security techniques echoes the human values anchored in the company's DNA, capable of mobilising to provide a response to a public health challenge", says Cédric PERIER, Executive President of Seris France.

Seris and the Institut Curie, a look back at the origin of the project

In 2017, Seris joined the KDog project led by Dr Isabelle FROMANTIN's team of researchers at the Institut Curie. Through this skills sponsorship, a cornerstone of its CSR approach, Seris is making its dog expertise as well as human, technical and financial resources available to the scientists.

"The involvement of Seris, since the beginning of the project, is essential and precious for us; it allows us to work in good conditions and brings us this approach to the animal that we do not have. It makes possible this unprecedented alliance of dog and researcher for a cause that is close to our hearts. And loyalty is important when you are doing research and working with dogs," explains Isabelle FROMANTIN, nurse and doctor of science, initiator of the KDog project.

The aim of the KDog project is not to replace mammography but to offer a non-invasive pre-test that is accessible to as many people as possible.

Through its commitment to KDog, Seris has chosen to put its financial resources and dog expertise at the service of medical and scientific progress in a project with a high human and social value. The Group is proud to make a long-term contribution to this multidisciplinary programme, which brings hope to people who are far from mammography for physical, social or geographical reasons.

To (re)discover the KDog project on video, click here: