World Earth Day: focus on the Planet component of Seris' CSR approach

April 2022

Our CSR approach: reconciling commitments and economic performance

Planet, People, Profit are the three pillars of the Seris Group's CSR policy. These pillars cover the three major areas of sustainable development. On this World Earth Day, let's take a look at the Planet pillar, which is based on the following main issues 

  • Reducing our impact on the environment
  • Recycling our waste and participating in the recovery of our materials
  • Participate in the proper application of our clients' environmental policies on their sites
  • Raising awareness of eco-actions and encouraging internal initiatives
  • Integrate environmental criteria into our supplier and partner relationships

As a security service provider, our environmental footprint is relatively small. Nevertheless, we measure our impacts in order to try to limit them. On a day-to-day basis, Seris subsidiaries carry out numerous positive actions to limit the Group's environmental impact: reduction of waste and participation in its recovery, initiatives in favour of clean travel, actions to limit the footprint of professional clothing, etc. 

A commitment in the Impulse 2024 Strategic Plan

The Planet pillar is an integral part of the Impulse 2024 strategic plan of the Seris Group, launched in December 2021. Within this Planet pillar, a project has been initiated to reduce Seris' CO2 impact. It is now time for collective mobilisation, exchanges and sharing of best practices and inspirations thanks to the complementary roles of the employees of our multicultural Group. 

The Seris Group is aware that the condition of its commitments and its economic performance is a source of opportunities and a necessity for its performance to be sustainable. Would you like to see a video of the Seris Group's CSR approach? It's here: