Technological solutions and human services for E-Valley, an extraordinary site

March 2022

"Technology does not replace man but makes him faster, more efficient and better protected in his interventions" - Benoît PÉDOUSSAUT, CEO of Seris Group

Covering more than 700,000 m², E-Valley is an innovative logistics services site unique in France, located in the heart of the European basin. Seris France ensures the security of the numerous buildings and the people who work there on a daily basis. In order to support the development of the rapidly expanding site, Seris France presented in February the extent of the possibilities in terms of safety and security, in particular thanks to the latest technological innovations. 

When security takes on a life of its own

Seris France's partner Hoverseen demonstrated an autonomous drone-camera offering numerous possibilities to complement human surveillance. A new turnkey technological solution that could allow security guards to carry out 360° surveillance, thanks to video feedback broadcast in real time on control screens. The autonomous camera drone follows specific flight plans established in advance according to the risks of the site and the needs of the clients. This is another way of approaching the security of such a large site, for rapid and dissuasive interventions.

A duo demonstration

Patxi and P-GUARD demonstrated their security capabilities during this dedicated day. Patxi, a sniffer dog trained by SERIS K9, is able to detect even the best camouflaged explosives. P-GUARD, his steel friend, is a rondier robot with enormous capabilities. He can see 360°, patrols day and night and ... barks like his friend Patxi! 

By adding a canine and/or robotic presence, the aim is to ensure a constant presence on the entire site at all times in order to further increase the level of security.

"E-Valley is expanding rapidly," explains Pierre-André FERRAN, Security Director at Seris France. “In a little over two years, the site will be complete, meaning more buildings to secure, more threats and therefore more surveillance. These techniques will complement the human organisation”.

This is proof that new methods, combined with human security, underline the possibilities of evolving security performance.