Seris Security Group and Europe

Seris Security Group and Europe
May 2023

The Seris Security Group, trusted partner of the European Parliament to provide high level security to a renowned international infrastructure.


Due to its international positioning, Seris Security provides services for the 2 institutional headquarters of the European Union in the cities of Luxembourg and Strasbourg.

For several years, Seris has been providing general security, external surveillance, fire safety and personal assistance for the European Parliament.

This mission reinforces the Group's presence in Europe, where more than 150 Seris France and Seris Luxembourg agents are in charge of the protection of the infrastructure and people within the European Parliament, which welcomes several thousand visitors and employees per year.


The Seris Security Group is pleased to be part of this safety and security mission and to contribute to the protection of emblematic places and congratulates the people who contribute daily to its security.