Seris Konsalnet actor of the Safe Stadium project

February 2022

Participation in the Safe Stadium project offers Seris Konsalnet many opportunities and benefits. It is a unique opportunity to contribute to increased safety, to expand knowledge, to develop operational procedures and to improve the skills of its employees.

The Covid-19 pandemic reinforces the evolution and mutation of our societies. We are facing, personally and professionally, individually and collectively, major challenges at different levels. In particular, the organisation and environment of mass events have been impacted, making it more difficult for sports and music fans to access them. This global health crisis appears to be accelerating the changes.

Various studies, surveys, analyses of regulations and documentation have highlighted the fact that stadium security systems did not take into account a major component today: the capacity to respond to "CBRN" threats, i.e. chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats. More specifically, the risks associated with these threats are :

  • accidents, such as hazardous chemicals escaping from secure storage;

  • radioactive contamination due to leakage of radioactive materials;

  • chemical fires with the risk of explosion or emission of toxic fumes;

  • epidemic threats, e.g. incidents where a pathogen spreads and infects large numbers of people;

  • Terrorist attacks with biological, chemical, radiological or "dirty bombs", an explosive leaving an area of contamination with one of the CBRN agents.

In response to these issues, the "Safe Stadium" project was born. Funded by the European Commission, this project aims to focus on securing sports facilities against CBRN risks. Created by a consortium of fourteen international partners, Seris Konsalnet plays an expert role in the field of security in this project. Seris Konsalnet demonstrates its agility, expertise and responsibility in fulfilling its core mission: to make our world safer by ensuring the safety and health of all.