Sécurisation du Musée des Beaux Arts d'Anvers

March 2021

The Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp houses an art collection of international stature. Every year over 100,000 visitors, both from Belgium and abroad go to the Museum to discover unique works.

The KMSKA is being rebuilt since 2011. The museum is closed, but behind the scenes people are working hard. A crucial aspect of the renewed museum is the security of the building itself. That’s why, under the authority of the Flemish Government, @SERIS Belgium installed a complete security system 


✔️ More than 270 cameras

✔️ Supplemented by access control, artwork protection and more than 500 detection points

✔️ Smart alarm feature

✔️ Controlled from the control room

✔️ Protection against theft and detection of vandalism


In consideration of the aesthetic requirements, minimalist cameras have been for example selected and painted in the colour of the wall on which they are mounted. In this way, the works of art can be enjoyed to the fullest in the majestic museum galleries