S-Drones: people and technology go hand in hand

May 2022

As drones are an extension of our human limits, Seris Belgium has developed a surveillance and security solution called "S-Drones".

Seris Belgium uses these S-Drones for prevention, reaction and detection purposes, both for infrastructure and goods and for people. Faster on site and with a sharper vision, the drones make it possible to obtain a global image without endangering the security guards.

This solution enables Seris Belgium to offer a wide range of services:

  • Preventive patrols on industrial sites
    If the alarm centre detects something abnormal, the security guards are assisted by the S-Drones.

  • Surveillance of goods on construction sites
    Theft of goods, such as copper or valuable finishing materials, is a real scourge. S-Drones are quickly on the spot and provide a broader picture of the construction site. The security guard knows immediately where the field of action is.

  • Identification of perpetrators in the event of a break-in
    S-Drones provide a better overview and increased security for the intervention teams.

  • Multi-drone solutions
    On large sites, it is possible to combine several drones for a view from different angles, for example in the event of fire or theft.

  • Security of public spaces
    Security of public spaces supporting the police, fire brigade and civil protection. Seris Belgium provides the equipment, the know-how and the image material. The competent authorities then evaluate the images.

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