January 2023

In the context of the energy crisis we are experiencing, we must strive to limit our impact and reduce our consumption.

To this end, and with a view to raising internal awareness, a campaign was recently launched within the various subsidiaries of the Seris Group reminding us of the best practices for saving energy on a daily basis.

This campaign, based on the following guideline "act daily to save energy", is based on the following 5 key point:

  • Lighting
  • Digital
  • Heating and cooling
  • Transport and travel
  • Teleworking

Good practices shared, good actions applied

"I turn off the light when I leave a room, even for a short time", "I limit the number of items of equipment as much as possible and I avoid oversizing them", "I assess the relevance of business trips and I group together the trips that are necessary" are examples of good practices shared with Seris Group collaborators for daily application.

Let's combine efficiency and sobriety!