Airport security: Seris management fully mobilised on the ground!

March 2022

On 17 February, Guy Tempereau, founder of the Group, Benoît Pédoussaut, CEO of Seris Group and Cédric Perier, CEO of Seris France, had the pleasure of meeting the Seris Airport teams, who are fully mobilised to ensure the security of Terminal 2F at Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle Airport. The team currently consists of more than 450 people, in the field, in local management and in the structure.

"Meeting the motivated teams is important. This contact on the ground is essential. Our agents are the ambassadors of the Seris brand and are the basis of customer satisfaction," says Guy Tempereau.

The day's programme included a visit to the Seris Airport premises in Villepinte, discovery of the training areas dedicated to teams working in the airport environment and a presentation of the organisation of the Seris Airport agency on site, followed by an immersion in the field to discover the activity on terminal 2F (central PIF, connecting gallery between terminal 2E and 2F as well as level 2 of S3).

This was a great opportunity for the management team to understand the day-to-day organisation of the operation by discovering in particular the functioning of the Flow Command Centre, a real nerve centre for passenger flows in real time.

The team also had the opportunity to meet Jane Pibouleau, Head of the Roissy CDG Terminal Security Unit, and to discuss the relationship between Seris and the Groupe ADP, the quality of the service and, more generally, the trends in the airport security sector.

"Our closeness to our customers and to our employees in the field is essential. We have discovered a great team and a great project! I would like to thank the teams once again for their availability and professionalism, which are factors in the success of Seris Airport's future", said Benoît Pédoussaut, CEO of Seris Group, before handing over to Sébastien Asselin, Seris Airport's Director of Operations, to conclude this intense day: "The teams appreciated the opportunity to demonstrate their know-how today. This visit is a strong signal from the Group's management, which is showing its support for an activity that has suffered particularly badly over the last two years in the context of the global pandemic. These exchanges have strengthened the motivation of everyone to give their best".

Seris has been present in the airport security market for more than 15 years and currently has more than 1,200 employees in its teams in France.