May 2018

At the end of the 70's, after the first few months spent at the head of the company, Guy TEMPEREAU assessed the current state of the security profession: there were no regulations, no professional cards and no suitable training.  The agents were often ex-military or former police officers.  The others were trained  "on the job" during one or two shadowing shifts.

« In order to make the employees more competent, we needed to provide them with knowledge and technical expertise. I tried to find an effective and academic way to professionalize the company.  I therefore started the Security School from 1978» confided Guy TEMPEREAU.

40 years later, the leader's conviction remains intact. Training within the SERIS Group is, more than ever, a determining factor.

« People are the driving force of our company. Our mission is noble and we are proud of it. We are fighting to offer the women and men who have chosen this profession real prospects for the future! »

This is achieved through the optimal accompaniment of our personnel. Better trained and more competent, our agents are contributing, day after day, to meet the growing expectations and demands of a rapidly changing sector.

Want to try the adventure? Join us!