10 tips for your digital security

10 tips for your digital security l SERIS Security
January 2024

Because technology is increasingly part of our daily lives, SERIS Security regularly raises its employees' awareness of digital risks, where every click and every connection leaves sometimes irreversible marks.


Discover essential tips for reinforcing your digital protection :


1. Strong passwords :

The first defensive line starts with strong passwords. Find out how to create complex combinations to strengthen your digital fortress.


2. Security updates :

Stay ahead of threats by applying security updates promptly. An essential bulwark against emerging vulnerabilities.


3. Antivirus, your virtual guardian :

Explore the world of antivirus software and discover how these digital guardians protect against a range of potential threats.


4. Backup, guaranteed recovery :

Immerse yourself in the crucial importance of regularly backing up your data. Insurance against loss in the event of hacking, breakdown or theft.


5. Secure downloads :

Navigate the world of secure downloads. Learn how to avoid the pitfalls of unofficial sources to protect your devices.


6. Distrust of the unexpected :

Decipher phishing tactics and learn how to recognise unexpected messages, an essential element in countering devious attacks.


7. Checking online purchases :

Before you click on "Buy", check the reliability of online shopping sites. Avoid fraud and protect your financial information.


8. Expertise in social networks :

Guide your online presence by securing your social networks. Advice on avoiding the pitfalls of shared information and fake profiles.


9. Separate uses :

Erect a border between your personal and professional digital activities. A bulwark against the risks of compromise.


10. Public WiFi, avoidable dangers :

Find out why avoiding public WiFi networks is crucial. Choose mobile security to protect your sensitive information.


Together, let's adopt these best practices to strengthen our defences against cyber threats, because security knows no borders, even in the virtual world.